Auto Transfer Switches

EnPower Star ATS & Split Phase Transformer

Our ATS Split Phase Transformer series enable energy users to stay in control of their power supply even in case of outages. Reliable, versatile and rugged, our auto transfer switches make for the perfect emergency or standby systems.

Featuring built-in Split Phase transformers, our intelligent auto transfer switches allow the reliable transfer of electrical energy from one source of power to another, guaranteeing power continuity.

What You will Get?

UL 1973/UL 9540-Certified.

All EPS products are UL-certified to guarantee compliance with the highest standards of quality, as well as safety for both workers and consumers.


The CPUC’s Self-Generation Incentive Program gives consumers rebates for installing energy storage systems. Access SGIP and get back ~30% of the cost of your new EPS system.

25 Year Warranty

All EPS products are protected by a 25-year warranty, which covers defects, damage, and problems.


Using split-phase electrical power, the wiring costs associated with single-phase are reduced.

Built-in Transformer.

ATS comes with built-in transformer.


Maximum continuous power is 5.0kw for energy storage.

High Performance.

Maximum power is 5000VA for ATS 5000T and 11400VA for ATS 11400T.

Uninterruptible power supply.

ATS 5000T has a maximum sum of L1-N and L2-N simultaneous output is 5000VA & ATS 11400T has a maximum sum of L1-N and L2-N simultaneous output is 11400VA.

Technical Specifications

ATS 5000T-11400T Datasheet

ATS 5000T-11400T Brochure (PDF)

Are you a solar installer/distributor?

You’ll find our UL 9540-certified energy storage systems to be 40% cheaper on average than the other guys. And unlike many competitors, we keep our supply lines well-fed and our shipments responsive, meaning you’ll get your order less than 2 weeks, not months down the road!