Complete Solar Solutions: From Skyscrapers To Single-Family Homes

That means radical and decentralized self-reliance when it comes to electricity and storage. We visualize a future where families and commercial spaces can power their own dreams, independent of government grids or corporate price hikes.

Our elite executive team of solar veterans leverages their years of collective experience in the manufacturing, processing, and sales of electronics and battery storage, and we’re proud to continue to innovate in the industry on your behalf.

We also are thrilled to work with Original Design Manufacturers (ODMs) that are best in class at what they produce. All our products are UL-certified to ensure they are tested and manufactured to the highest standards and our expertise and friendly approach make the process of switching to smart power storage seamless, affordable, and fast.

Our Residential Services

For Residential Customers:

Times are changing.

What’s available today to outfit your home with smarter, cheaper power is lightyears ahead of the technology that was cutting edge only a few years ago.

Today’s panels and storage systems are more absorbent, more reliable, and even more affordable to install, maintain and repair.

That means a household with energy independence and a smaller carbon footprint is remarkably easy, and best of all, the entire power collection system and battery pay for themselves after just 4 years on average. After that, you’ll be regularly and passively saving money every month that would otherwise go to your utility company.

If you’re ready to lead a greener, smarter, more affordable household, click below:

For Commercial Customers:

For Commercial Customers:

If there’s one thing that’s critical to maintaining a commercial space, whether it’s massive, micro, or anywhere in between, it’s your bottom line.

No commercial venture can survive if it consumes more money than it generates. And one thing that’s almost always been a predictable “cost of doing business” has been utility charges.

Until now.

Rather than wiring expensive energy routed from dirty, pollution-generating plants, you can collect the energy from the sun that’s already washing over your business every day and convert it directly to money.

This is a resource that’s already pounding down over your building with great predictability in almost every area of the country (especiallyhere in California), just waiting to be collected.

After the up-front cost, the investment pays or itself after 3-6 years depending on your system – and then it’s all money saved staying directly in your pocket.

Compare that to the energy prices which are steadily ballooning by 7% a year and you’ll see that solar offers a sizable and smart way to cut overhead operating costs forever.

If you’re ready to significantly cut utility costs while facilitating a sustainable future, click below: