EnPower Star MIN3000I–11400I

Our MIN3000I-11400I hybrid battery-ready inverter series turn battery storage systems into a convenient wall plug so energy users can power the AC or DC-powered devices they rely on for day-to-day use.

Versatile, affordable and environment-friendly, our inverters save energy with no voltage fluctuation and effective cooling.

What You will Get?

UL 1973/UL 9540-Certified.

All EPS products are UL-certified to guarantee compliance with the highest standards of quality, as well as safety for both workers and consumers.


The CPUC’s Self-Generation Incentive Program gives consumers rebates for installing energy storage systems. Access SGIP and get back ~30% of the cost of your new EPS system.

25 Year Warranty

All EPS products are protected by a 25-year warranty, which covers defects, damage, and problems.


Battery-ready for DC Coupled and AC coupled system.

Safe & Reliable.

Features Rapid shutdown solution & AFCI integrated.


CA Rule 21 & HECO compliant.

Power Through & Recover From Any Outage.

Support backup power and black start operations.

Full Features.

Integrated EMS, supports multiple energy management modes: self-consumption, zero export, TOU and off-grid UL1741SA

Smart & Integrated.

Built-in 4G/Wi-Fi Communication with Mobile App. IoT integrated Cloud and monitoring.

Technical Specifications

MIN3000I-MIN7600I Datasheet

MIN3000I-MIN7600I Brochure(PDF)

MIN8200I-MIN11400I Datasheet

MIN8200I-MIN11400I Brochure(PDF)

Are you a solar installer/distributor?

You’ll find our UL 9540-certified energy storage systems to be 40% cheaper on average than the other guys. And unlike many competitors, we keep our supply lines well-fed and our shipments responsive, meaning you’ll get your order less than 2 weeks, not months down the road!