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Who We Are

If you want the best solar energy storage systems, this is the right place for you.

At EnPower Star, we’re on a mission to lead the way in next generation, clean, affordable energy systems.

All of our products are 100% UL-certified, with systems for any size application.

Store your natural energy today!

3 Reasons To Store Energy

A financial no-brainer

In a world where energy prices are steadily increasing by an average of 7% every year, it pays to find alternate ways to power your building. The upfront cost of solar is quickly offset by the money you’ll save in energy bills. There are few investments in the world that guarantee a swift and predictable return on investment—this is one of them.

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Claim power independence

When your building or home is dependent on the municipal power grid, you’re at the whim of outages, storms, planned repairs, and bureaucracy. Harvesting and storing your own energy gives you security and predictability far beyond what the power company can offer you.

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Be a part of a cleaner tomorrow.

In the United States, 88% of our energy comes from coal, petroleum, and other sources that harm our environment and have drastically negative effects on our world. Switching to solar is clean, efficient, and a step toward a sustainable future.

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Why choose EnPower Star?

We’ve scaled our entire business around making the transition to solar energy collection and storage as simple as possible, even for those totally new to the industry. Our UL-certified products are phenomenal solutions in both commercial and residential applications, fueling a future that is cleaner, brighter, and more affordable.

25 Year Warranty

All EPS products are protected by a 25-year warranty, which covers defects, damage, and problems. Our guarantee is to deliver top quality and highly reliable products.

Renewable Energy Storage

We provide sustainable Energy Storage Systems made with 100% renewable/recyclable materials that will last over 6,000 life cycles.

LiFePO4 Technology

We use cutting-edge technology based on lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) to produce highly stable systems and minimize the likelihood of thermal runaway.

Power Saver

Consumers can save up to 40% of their electricity bills by using our ARO-HV Battery Systems during peak hours and recharging them during off peak hours.

Scalable & Sustainable

Our modular and scalable 10KWH systems can run in parallel totaling up to 80KWH Energy Storage Systems (8 units). We help homeowners store energy to ultimately sustain the environment.

Power Through Any Outage

Life goes on even when power goes out. Our systems guarantee power continuity by keeping the energy flowing even when the grid goes down, preventing any disruption of day-to-day activities.

Are you a solar installer/distributor?

You’ll find our UL 9540-certified energy storage systems to be 40% cheaper on average than the other guys. And unlike many competitors, we keep our supply lines well-fed and our shipments responsive, meaning you’ll get your order less than 2 weeks, not months down the road!

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EnPower Star ARO HV 9.9 KWH (High Voltage) Battery


EnPower Star ES – MIN3000I-MIN11400I

AutoTransfer Switches

EnPower Star ATS (Auto Transfer Switch) and Split Phase

Smart Meter

EnPower Star SM200
(Smart Meter)

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Smart Monitor

ShinePhone and ShineServer

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