Investment & PPAs

As an organizational decision-maker, every investment requires sufficient due diligence with an ROI forecast that makes sense. With lucrative incentives, feasible investment structures, and flexible PPAs, our alternative green energy solutions take your business beyond the grid at a pricing structure you can afford. Below, we cover how EnPower Star can help your organization save more than daily energy costs alone.

Factoring in High-Value
Federal Incentives

Through the Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC), businesses have the opportunity tooffset the costs of their solar systems. In 2022, you could deduct 30% of your total cost while simultaneously leveraging California’s 5-year, 10.3% depreciation credit as well as the first year, 30% federal depreciation credit.

Likewise, the Self-Generation Incentive Program (SGIP) offers a rebate to qualified businesses that incorporate energy storage, a key component of our microgrids at EnPower Star. Businesses can also benefit from the Net Energy Metering (NEM) program. Here, system owners receive credits toward their grid energy usage from the energy that they send back to their utility provider during periods of overproduction.

By understanding the immediate and long-term value of these tax benefits, rebates, and credits, organizational leaders can make a more informed, quantitative decision.

Your investment feasibility hinges on a range of factors, some of which are more challenging to quantify than others. For example, your payback period, month-to-month reduction in electricity spending, and levelized cost of energy (LCOE) are projectable with a relatively high level of certainty. On the other hand, the operational savings from reduced outages, positive public sentiment toward your organization, and increased property value can each vary based on a wider range of external factors.

Our recommendation is to divide your annual savings on utilities by your net system cost to determine a baseline for your payback period. With lifespans in excess of 25 years, our green energy systems are poised to protect your business from the astronomical energy increases projected over the next two decades and beyond.

Is Your Clean Energy
Investment Feasible?

Financing Your Microgrid

With unmatched transparency, our EnPower Star team supports flexible financing options to align with your organization’s immediate and long-term financial goals. We currently offer either direct purchases or energy-as-a-service opportunities, covered below in our Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) section. Through our direct purchase option, we carry out the design and installation process while covering ongoing maintenance as needed. Oftentimes, our large-scale clients opt to directly purchase our microgrid solutions to fully leverage all available incentives. For clients seeking a lower barrier to entry while avoiding a high up-front investment, our energy-as-a-service option provides more cost-effective energy without the need to own the system. Instead, they pay a lesser electricity rate than what they would have paid if they were completely reliant on the grid. While businesses pay based on their consumption, they enjoy greater reliability while preserving working capital for their core business operations.

PPA Agreements

Through a PPA with EnPower Star, your organization agrees to a term energy purchase while avoiding upfront costs. All the while, we provide ongoing maintenance and operational support, delivering the benefits of lower utility costs while supporting your decarbonization goals. In turn, you accelerate your savings from the first day as opposed to waiting for your payback period to come to fruition. Overall, our energy-as-a-service model mitigates the burden of ownership while giving back to the environment and your bottom line.