Maintenance & Operations Support from EnPower Star

Although your organization may be leaning toward a microgrid or alternative energy solution to reduce your reliance on the grid, you may be concerned about the costs associated with maintenance and operations. That’s why our energy-as-a-service model, made possible through our PPAs, includes turnkey support for these pivotal functions.

Through our solutions, we

Ensure 24/7 operability of your systems for greater resilience

Maximize your performance for year-round savings

Conduct all necessary upkeep, repairs, and preventative maintenance

Mitigate the need for additional microgrid support personnel on your end

Provide comprehensive monitoring

Over the term of your agreement, we ensure the modernization of your systems while delivering access to more affordable energy, a key benefit as energy costs continue to soar.

For questions regarding our PPAs or for maintenance and operations questions from direct purchase clients, we invite you to contact us today.