Transform Energy Storage into Savings for Your Company

By installing state-of-the-art Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS), our EnPower Star team helps you leverage peak shaving for reduced energy costs, put load leveling to work for your power stores, and accelerate your energy transition.
How Our BESS Solutions Drive Energy Resilience
Our EnPower Star battery solutions feature an instant transfer time during outages and level your energy distribution throughout the day with a consistent load profile. As you conduct your day-to-day operations, your solar battery builds up energy stores to mitigate capacity shortages and serve as a dependable backup power supply.
Tailored Integrations for Your Company
Our BESS installations support cross-industry companies within manufacturing, food and beverage, healthcare, and beyond. For facilities with existing solar panels, our solutions help elevate your accessibility to low-cost energy. Likewise, for soon-to-be-built facilities seeking to join the global energy transition, our solutions lend way to immediate cost savings.
Supporting a More Stable Energy Supply
Whether your company depends on stable power without voltage flickers for your IT system, consistently-cold temperatures for your refrigeration units, or uninterrupted production to meet demand, our BESS solutions deliver uncompromising peace of mind by backing up and augmenting your energy transmission chain.
Holistic Operational Improvements
To reduce your dependence on the grid, bolster your decarbonization goals, increase your grid stability, and gain control over your long-term energy spending, a dependable BESS solution is paramount. By making excess energy available for future use, our commercial battery solutions optimize time of use (TOU) while moving your company toward sustainable savings.

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