At EnPower Star, we dream of a brighter tomorrow.

That means radical and decentralized self-reliance when it comes to electricity and storage. We visualize a future where families and commercial spaces can power their own dreams, independent of government grids or corporate price hikes.

Our elite executive team of solar veterans leverages their collective experience in the manufacturing, processing, and sales of electronics and battery storage, and we’re proud to continue to innovate in the industry on your behalf.

We also are thrilled to work with Original Design Manufacturers (ODMs) that are the best in class at what they produce. All of our products are UL-certified to ensure they are tested and manufactured to the highest standards and our expertise and friendly approach make the process of switching to smart power storage seamless, affordable, and fast.

Our Mission

To design and manufacture the latest technology in energy storage to provide sustainable power storage systems for any home, anywhere.

Our Vision

To be a global leader in the supply of clean energy storage systems and lead the way toward a more sustainable future for current and new generations.

Our Core Values

To give our clients the best in customer safety & satisfaction along with truly clean & sustainable energy storage solutions

Welcome To EnPower Star

There are tons of solar providers out there. Here’s what makes us different:

We value our work highly


Customer safety & satisfaction.

We want to engineer a future where people acclimate to solar technology without hesitation or learning curve and are pleasantly surprised when they get there.

Clean & sustainable solutions.

Because the world of tomorrow needs to be taken care of today, and our grandchildren deserve the same clean air, drinkable water, and green planet that we enjoy.


To forever improve and hone ourselves as employees and as people, just as our engineers improve and hone our technology. Because at our core, when solar becomes more affordable and more applicable, everyone wins.

Learn The reasons of using our products

Why We Do & What We Do:

To get our planet to net zero.

To get our planet to net zero. The global push to get to net zero emissions by 2050 has never been more vital. At EnPower Star, we are committed to providing the latest technology in energy storage that reduces humanity’s carbon footprint and protects the environment.

To support the grid.

Residential solar storage systems not only increase reliability, but perhaps more importantly, reduce peak loads, making the grid itself more reliable for its remaining users.

To cut your electricity bills.

Solar batteries store surplus energy—whether it comes from a solar panel or straight from the grid—enabling homeowners to cut their electricity bills significantly while also having a more resilient power bank in case of emergency.