Planning & Engineering Services

As seasoned engineers and project planners, our EnPower Star team takes a meticulous approach to our design and implementation process, ensuring that your energy infrastructure aligns with your site’s unique energy demands.
Our Planning Process
When it comes to your sustainability goals, you have a schedule to uphold and a budget to maintain. By building a comprehensive understanding of your project scope and aligning our capabilities with your site, we accelerate your energy transition without interrupting your day-to-day operations.
Tailored Engineering
Our team is adept with the full spectrum of solar, hydrogen, cogeneration, and energy storage solutions, leaning on our past expertise to reduce your energy spending in a way that aligns with your premises. Throughout the process, we guide you toward the optimal solutions, procure all necessary materials, help navigate the permitting process, and select the ideal placement for all systems.
We invite you to contact our EnPower Star team for a tailored look at your energy goals.