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For the latest insight surrounding renewable energy and how our EnPower Star team is accelerating the global energy transition, we invite you to explore our education center.
What is the Energy Transition?
Businesses, governments, and consumers worldwide are in the midst of an energy transition, making the shift to sustainable, renewable energy.

If left unchecked, the degradation of our climate will lead to desertification, oceanic depletion, weather volatility, and reduced biodiversity. In turn, a worldwide push for carbon neutrality is well underway, fueled by electrification.

With a broader spectrum of available alternative energy sources, consumers can reduce their grid reliance, decarbonize their operations, and successfully transition away from fossil fuels and harmful emissions.

Ultimately, our EnPower Star team is committed to making a global impact tomorrow by starting in our own backyards today, one project at a time.


By converting sunlight into usable, photovoltaic energy, solar panels offer exceptional energy potential. Using heat transfer fluids, solar panels offer a flexible power generation medium with net-zero carbon emissions.
Green Energy Opportunities


With a high energy density and abundant availability worldwide, hydrogen delivers inexpensive and easily accessible energy. Through water electrolysis, the separation of oxygen and hydrogen, usable energy can be derived with pure water as the byproduct, and then stored as either a gas or a liquid.


Storage One of the common challenges with renewable energy is weather variations. For example, overcast cloud cover will significantly reduce the effectiveness of solar panels. Through green storage systems, energy is collected whenever available and accessible when needed.

Development with Sustainability at Heart

At the core of our operations at EnPower Star, we embrace a mutually-beneficial philosophy. Through the circular economy, an approach to energy production and consumption that involves the reuse and recycling of natural resources, we ensure that organizations achieve their decarbonization goals and reduce costs while supporting the environment.