Your Company’s Energy
Transition Starts Here

In light of the sky-high utility costs driven by growing energy demands, forward-leaning companies are saving serious green by going green. That’s why at EnPower Star, we build custom microgrid solutions centered on a decarbonized future and greater control over long-term energy costs.
The Microgrid Advantage
Today, energy costs are only compounding. California’s annual 5% to 8% increase in utility prices is a prime example, meaning costly utility budget overruns for businesses. With an on-site solar PV system and energy storage solution, our microgrids empower your business to cut utility spending and leverage a levelized cost of energy (LCOE). All the while, our on-site microgrids alleviate the risk of power outages for more dependable and robust energy.

Here’s what you can expect:

About The ITC
Through the ITC, your business can deduct 26% of the cost of a solar system in 2022. That’s in addition to a 30% federal depreciation credit for the first year as well as state depreciation credits, such as California’s 5-year, 10.3% depreciation credit.

On average, the collective value of these incentives brings the capital expenditure for a microgrid down to 30% of the system’s cost.
Greater Flexibility for Your Energy
To aid in your energy transition, our flexible microgrid solutions may include cogeneration integration with gas for greater resilience. Through an energy control center, our commercial microgrids automatically shift to on-site or grid-based energy to avoid peak charges, lending way to sustainable financial benefits. The custom nature of our designs also leaves room for green hydrogen integrations. We seek to offset your grid dependence at every opportunity.
Our Microgrid Installation Process
With transparency at heart, our team at EnPower Star begins with a tailored energy audit on your site to determine the feasibility and ROI of a microgrid power solution. From there, we align our design to your commercial property, determining the ideal solar and storage technologies to meet your energy demandswhile lowering your GHG emissions.

Learn More About Our Microgrid Solutions

If you’re ready to make strides toward sustainability, lock in long-term savings on utility spending, and learn more about the viability of a microgrid for your company, we invite you to contact us today.